I thnk I hate reality TV.

The picture is of this high speed chase broadcast live a few days ago.

This is the point where my greatest contradictions come to the forefront. I hate reality TV (American Idol, Top Chef) but I love spectacle (Lucha Libre, streakers, all of Las Vegas). The high speed chase falls somewhere in between. There’s something about it that fascinates me. I often wonder, but somehow understand how drivers gain so much faith in the freeway system. When you’re on a freeway and find yourself on top of a big cloverleaf looking down at spiraling traffic, or coming upon the ocean, or heading into Mexico, it’s not hard to believe that the freeway can take you anywhere. But if you’ve seen TV at all, you have to know there are helicopters. If you steal a car with OnStar, you have to know they will find you.

I couldn’t look away. at least not while the driving was happening. Neither could the exiled Angelenos with me. We delayed our meal to see the end, commenting on how women drive better than men and wondering aloud (betting) who this particular woman was.

Those chases are familiar and balletic and exciting and worrying at the same time. As long as no one gets hit, they manage to seem undangerous (I know that’s not a word.) until you hit the 10-second delay portion of the broadcast. Then everyone starts looking for something else to do.


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