catching up–Thursday’s really weird mood

This is Harold Washington‘s chair. It’s on display at Roosevelt University, his alma mater. I once applied for a job there. They didn’t hire me; but they did ask me to repeat some of my classroom activities so that they could write them down and use them later. I had the perverse impulse to go in and ask people why they didn’t want me. I don’t remember the names of folks who interviewed me–only one reason why the impulse was absurd.

Harold Washington reentered my consciousness after I heard a show about his candidacy on This American Life last fall. I was the only person browsing the photography exhibit at the time. There were two men there setting up a catering spread for a reception. My iPod’s random was playing mean tricks on me. But I guess that’s what happens when I have multiple versions of “Louisiana 1927” and “Strange Fruit” for the machine to choose.


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