What’s up with the drawer?

This is my drawer of short-sleeved shirts. It doesn’t include the t-shirts I wear to the gym. Those at least get a regular look. These I haven’t seen since October or so.

Yes, it is like Christmas. There are a few things that I got right before leaving LA and on a fall trip to Minneapolis that I barely recognize as my own. I’m looking forward to dressing like a version of the person I once was. Although I do still find myself uncertain about what I can wear here while still appearing normal. Scratch that. There’s no way I can appear normal here. I wonder about what I can wear without attracting the wrong kind of aggressive attention.  But I don’t actually believe I can control that either.

Winter has made me miss dressing normally, without layers, without worrying about slush stains, etc. It has also turned me into a person who lowers my car windows when it hits 38º and who has a hard time wearing a jacket when it hits 50º. That’s strange. I was always uncomfortable outside during the coldest times.


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