Maybe I’m too sensitive.

This picture is of my larger class taking an exam today.

The first point of this post is to admit that I’m way too sensitive. I don’t like being in the room with exam nervous energy. They often think I’m joking when I say that; but it does bother me. So I often watch them from outside. That’s why you see the wire in the window. So many institutional buildings have that feature.

The second point of this post is to state my annoyance with people who complain about not knowing things from lecture when they don’t come to lecture. During exams we (the TA and I) see new faces. I’m fine with them not attending as long as they’re willing to accept that their absence brings consequences.

Maybe a third, tangential post is that this room often has random big sticks in the front. Some seem natural, others machined. I don’t know why.

Oh, and a fourth thing that I can’t go without mentioning is that Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man was the first book on the syllabus. The class is in the third level of the basement.


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