There’s nothing to see here.

I think this is a recording of the last show I saw in LA. There’s not enough information on the YouTube clip. And I don’t exactly remember the date. But it was a Wednesday. That seems right. I went to the show with my friend Julie and a friend of hers from school. Yep, school.  All my friends are always after a bit more.  As I said, it was a Wednesday and folks were tired. The thing about that show is that it was filled with working folks, men in those blue shirts with briefcases and women who had just come from someplace and had to get home early for work in the morning. My 8:00 am start time was the latest among our group.  It was a hip hop show for 30-somethings.

Peanut Butter Wolf was doing a show a night for a week. Each show was in a different club. This one was in a place called Little Temple, after the bigger, west side Temple Bar. He was spinning old school hip hop 45s. That probably had a lot to do with the older crowd.

I was told before I moved here that there are no hip hop clubs left, that they’re almost always shut down quickly. So much of the hip hop has to happen on campus. While I’m glad that it does happen on campus, the limitation is frightening. And the idea that most of the shows will be filled with only kids is really odd and quite disheartening.

By the way, the YouTube post is here for a few reasons. One is that I didn’t see anything that I wanted to take a picture of today. Given the errands and attempts at errands from today, my commentary would have been snarky.

There are a few things I’ve seen over the past few days that I haven’t recorded but wanted to.

1. A few days ago I saw Christmas trees on lawns. I know that the organic matter pick up has just begun for the first time since it started snowing in November. But that doesn’t explain where people hid those dead trees. (I couldn’t photograph them because I was driving.)

2. I found myself thinking about my friends Tania and Beau this morning. Then when I went into the student union, I noticed that the cashier had his nails (fingernails) painted a blue/teal color. That reminded me of Beau, who always painted his toenails that color.  The site of the cashier felt especially surprising because the color, and weather nice enough to wear flip-flops, were among the things I was remembering. One doesn’t usually ask to take pictures of a stranger’s hands.

WordPress should have a spot for choosing a mood via multiple choice the way that LiveJournal does. Then all this would be clearer.


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