I remember a moment when I thought I might learn to do this.

One of my friends, Dawn Smith-Camacho, started the organization shown in the clip, J.U.i.C.E in Los Angeles. It’s a non-profit serving area young people interested in working with and through the various branches of hip hop. At one of my nights there I saw a two-year-old attempting some moves. His mom brought him in when they were passing by. He loved it so much that if she left before the night was over, he cried to be brought back to the church. So she started bringing him every week. It was pretty funny to see a tiny chubby body attempting moves that are usually associated with angles.

That may have also been the night I wandered into the music production part of the workshop and saw one of the members of my dissertation committee, Cheryl Keyes. She worked with the group on some grants and spends time with the board and the participants. It’s all good work.

As you can tell, I’m in a looking back mode.



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