HR Block

I had an 8:00 appointment with H & R Block.  I set the appointment using the company’s web site more than a week ago.  Because no one called, I assumed everything was fine.  But when I showed up, no one was in the office.  The only people around were setting up in the Family Dollar in the same mini mall.  People came into the Enterprise car rental.  Then a guy arrived at the H & R Block.  He informed me that they don’t really use the web site, that the person I chose doesn’t work before 3:00 p.m., and that the office doesn’t even open before 9.  He was pleasant and set up something for next Tuesday.

Taxes fill me with anxiety.  I could barely sleep (no surprise) and was up early re-gathering paperwork.  Given the fact that yesterday was an unusually late night and that I have film festival tickets that will make tonight another late night, I would have preferred another use of my time.

The picture is the view from around the side of the building where the office is.  The neighborhood, not far from where I live now, is odd.  Houses sit atop one another and there are big spaces that seem forgotten.


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