blue sky, remembrance

Cesar Chavez

Students use this hill for acknowledgment.  MEChA put up this tribute to Cesar Chavez’s life and work.  I know the picture doesn’t show everything, so I’ll fill in a few details.  At the base of the sign, there are cut-outs of crops.  Most of the flags have the eagle, but a few have pictures of Chavez and some facts about his life.  I was hoping for other people in the flags, but didn’t see any.

I’ve seen a few other displays here.  Like this one, they’ve been of things.  Maybe people conduct demonstrations here; I haven’t seen any.  The building in the background is Bascom, the campus administration building.  I go there at least once a month because I am a faculty senator.

Why did I stop today as opposed to the other days?

  • I took the bus.  My walk from the bus brings me past this spot.
  • I’m on this 30 day project.
  • It’s bright and sunny.  Among other things, that leads to me walking with my head up instead of hunched over looking at my feet.
  • It was early, before 8 a.m.  No students were on the hill.  When people are working on displays, I often feel as though my gaze and picture taking might be an invasion of privacy.
  • Even with my nearsightedness, I could see the eagle and name and was curious.

I wonder about the history of the UFW in Wisconsin.  I can imagine so many different responses, but have little useful knowledge.  There’s nothing like a feeling of total ignorance and a cold breeze to wake me up in the morning.


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