Yeah, no kidding


no lifeguard

I took these on Saturday. Before I went out, I saw kids in shorts. Pretty much no one was wearing more than a light jacket. People here are aggressive about claiming their spring. Their zeal has a kind of truthiness to it. It was a sunny 40º. It’s going to snow tomorrow, maybe wtih thunder included. What a treat.

I must admit that I really needed the walk. I’ve felt a bit like a hamster on a wheel lately. I’m not hearty enough to go without a jacket, but I could open it a bit and leave my scarf behind.

By the way, the pictures are of a still-icy Lake Mendota. There were a few other people walking around and the deeper water near the shore is not iced over anymore. One guy had dropped a fishing line. Another guy approached me from a different end of the landing. He was a little excited because he had seen an otter. I couldn’t find it. That would have made my day.


One Response to “Yeah, no kidding”

  1. Dongo Indawater Says:

    Me like “salvavida”; it’s a little more on point than its English equivalent. If they were really guarding my life, they wouldn’t let me enter the water.

    BTW, that has to be the shallowest shoreline I’ve ever encountered. You can walk out 100 yards and not get your waist wet. Nothing beats the summer humidity like ankle-deep muck!

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