a challenge

bus stop butts

I took this today on my way home. In case you can’t tell, it’s snow. I think it’s the snow that’s been piled since November. This particlar pile is at a bus stop where I waited for a bit today. I wait there quite often.

Today was one of those days I thought would be super productive–but by 2, I was exhausted. I didn’t leave then though. I had office hours and some other things to do. I took the photograph at 5:19. Picture me with a backpack, shiny rainboots, rag wool gloves, a big umbrella I inherited with my office and a large bicycle pump I bought between my office and the bus stop. Can you see it? Can you see the look on my face when I saw the butt-filled snow pile? This picture really does reflect how I felt by the end of the day.

But the picture also indicates something else. I’ve been wanting to take a few more shots. I realized today that I messed up on the dates of some photography classes I was going to take. So I’m on my own a bit here. I need a motivation that involves debt. Here’s the commitment. I’ll take or find a picture each day in April that reflects what I’m feeling, doing, or seeing. Maybe I won’t post each day. But I will get the images and post them all. I’m curious to know what people think. And I’m into fictions of communication.

By the way, I owe this idea to my friend Cecily, who tried it on her site, Such Sweet Hands. There’s a link to the blog portion under “I know people who write stuff.”


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