Obey Giant Obama

Thank you Shepard Fairey. I’ve loved you for a long time without ever knowing your name. Madison is all about Obama. But I didn’t come across this picture in the real world. Somehow it came up in my internet wanderings. I recognized the style immediately and flashed back to first seeing the Andre the Giant posters, the ones that said “Andre the Giant has a posse,” in downtown LA when I used to look for abandoned and semi-abandoned buildings to take photos. Several of my friends had or have those graphics on their stuff. They’re the wallpaper on people’s computer screens and phones. Stickers found their way onto all sorts of cases. People always seemed to have cases. As far as I can tell, the only stickers here are bumper stickers. No one bothers the two construction fences in this town. I’ve never lived in a place where people really post no bills.

Imagine my surprise at being made homesick by an Obama poster.


One Response to “flashback”

  1. Me Says:

    Yeah, I know I should not be the only one commenting on this yet unpublicized blog, But one event seemed to deserve mention. A friend sent me a link to a some photographs, mostly of her son. But the cover photo is a window with a series of the Obey Giant Obama posters. That’s my LA.

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