another normal

One of the regular guy shoes in Spain is the gold or silver sneaker with asymmetrical laces. Folks seem to prefer the ones with super flat soles. To my American eyes, they look like track shoes. But I suppose they’re actually football-inspired.  The ones in the link seem directed toward a few different sports.  But as in the U.S., people were wearing them to do their urban hanging out.  People in cities walk around a lot. So as you can imagine, these shoes don’t look good for long.It seems to me that wearing a shoe like this implies a desire to put together a look, something that many American men avoid. If that’s the case, I approve–not so much of the shoe itself, which I don’t particularly like–but of the effort.

This post would make a lot more sense if I had a picture of their jeans. The men there wear much better jeans.  But one can’t go around taking pictures of jeans with an eye toward expressing a superficial opinion in a public forum at a later date.


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